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Feral Cats: What to Do if They Come to You

As anyone with a yard who has dealt with an abundance of stray cats will know, they can be a nuisance. Feral cats can be noisy. They dig up gardens, creating both a mess and an odour. They tear apart patio furniture and cushions. They scratch up painted fences and are voracious hunters keeping birds away from your yard and feeders.

Here’s what you can do if pesky pussycats have turned your placid patio into their personal playground!

There are an estimated 45,000 feral cats in Edmonton alone! The City of Edmonton does not trap stray cats, but does lend humane traps to residents. The traps are available between April 1 and October 31. They are available for three days at a time with a refundable $75 deposit for each trap.

Animal Care and Control will pick up cats captured in City traps. All others must be brought to animal control during regular business hours. If you happen to catch an identifiable domestic kitty, they will get a free ride home and, the owner(s) a stern warning (I presume).

All trapped cats must be given basic necessities. Therefore, traps must be checked frequently. It is not only cruel to do otherwise, but also illegal!

In conclusion: if the population of feral/stray cats is not kept in check, it is not only detrimental to people and birds but also to the cats, as more will starve and freeze as the population grows

For further information, I recommend contacting Animal Control either by phone (dial 311) or email (, or visit their website (

Ron lives in McCauley.

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