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Film About McCauley Premieres

Paula Kirman gets the equipment ready to show her film McCauley Mo- ments to an almost-full room. David Williamson

A new film about our McCauley neighbourhood was screened on Nov. 10 at the Commonwealth Rec. Centre. About 50 local citizens and children (as well as local media) turned out to watch McCauley Moments, despite the premiere being organized on short notice.

Everyone was excited to see the 35 minute film created by Paula Kirman, the editor of this newspaper. She was the camera crew, director, and editor of the film – a huge accomplishment, and it was her first professional film. McCauley Moments was produced with the support of McCauley Revitalization (City of Edmonton) and The Works International Visual Arts Society. Jane Molstad, McCauley Revitalization Coordinator and Linda Wedman from The Works both spoke about the development and importance of the film, and Paula also said a few words about her experience in making it.

The film provides a whirlwind look at various aspects of McCauley including young families, Chinese and Italian communities, Church Street, Ukrainian and Aboriginal culture, and long-time residents. It includes footage of festivals and events over the past year and even provides some historical perspective.
The atmosphere in the room was electric with anticipation as we waited for the film to begin. Refreshments were enjoyed as audience members shared their McCauley experienced, while various people helped sort out a few hitches in the technology.

The film is a wonderful introduction to our neighbourhood, and certainly made me feel proud to live here. You can see the film at the website: There will be more screenings in the new year. Congratulations Paula!

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