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Four Holidays

A poem about a year in a flawed society.

Beyond Canada Day
lies the rest of summer
along with the crisp autumn season
across August, September, and October

Over that span
four holidays pay homage
to our heritage, history,
work, and spirit of gratitude

As the heat rises
past the solstice
August long awaits
among these lazy days

Dates full of activities
gardening, barbecuing,
socializing, sport, music,
and cultural celebration

A time for relaxation
before back-to-school shopping
and the Labour Day transition
of swinging into September routines

Now, established just this decade
we have a day to reflect on the truth
and reconcile with the colonial paradigms
that wrought the residential school system

The colour orange
takes on new meaning
beyond the changing of leaves
a resolve against future injustice

October then provides us
space to be thankful
and gather as nights dim
while the coming winter settles in

Jon is an aspiring researcher and writer. He believes everyone has creative abilities.

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