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Generational Connections

In the months ahead, the Our Volunteers column will be focusing on our volunteers, past and present, who have generational ties to McCauley and Boyle Street.

At the McCauley Community League AGM it was emphasized that McCauley is a diverse, inclusive, and welcoming community. Looking at the people who have grown up here, it is easy to see that this community means something to many people.

For example, Teresa Spinelli and Tony Pino are two successful business people who grew up here. They help in any way they can to improve the lives of others in the community. They are good and valued neighbours who live and work here in McCauley. They are examples of people we will feature.

We know that there are many people living here who have family histories that began in Boyle Street or McCauley.

Next month we will feature a long-time volunteer whose grandparents lived here with their children. Now she lives here and volunteers for the paper. You will see photos from the 50s and see the same houses here today.

Please let us know if you or a friend have a similar connection to our neighbourhood. If you recall from a previous issue, volunteer Shauna Forsyth’s parents met at a dance in what is now known as Giovanni Caboto Park, and she has raised two generations of children here. There are many, many stories like this, and we would love to share more of them. Please contact us at the paper with your stories.

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