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Getting Schooled

I’m writing this is in mid-August, when back-to-school sales are dominating print and broadcast advertising. Heading back to classes is something usually associated with children and young adults who are beginning or returning to elementary, junior high, high school, or college/university.

However, sometimes going back to school is a choice made by people who are – how shall I put this? – more mature in years. This is exactly what I did last year when I enrolled in a post-graduate program through the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Extension. I’ll be graduating with an Advanced Citation in Global Leadership in June of 2020.

The decision to go back to school after more than two decades was not easy (or cheap), but I saw it as an opportunity to grow personally and professionally.

Our Volunteer Coordinator Colleen Chapman went back to earn her bachelor’s degree when she was in her 50s. I can only imagine what the experience must have been like, as she studied alongside people half her age. However, achieving this level of education was an important goal for her, and she did it.

I often read about seniors who earned a graduate degree at a very advanced age. I watch as many of my peers pursue their master’s or doctorates. Are they doing it for career advancement? Perhaps, but no doubt also as a personal accomplishment.

Learning is a part of living, and it doesn’t always have to take place in a classroom. However, if given the opportunity, going back to school can be valuable at any age.

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