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Heart of the City 2019 is Coming!

We’re officially in the thick of designing Heart of the City 2019! Add June 1 and 2 to your calendar, as we’re going to deliver a fantastic event full of family fun and community collectiveness! This year’s theme is still in the works. However, we can assure you that maintaining the festival’s momentum and continual growth is at the forefront of our current planning.

To start, we’re already hosting a fundraiser on February 3 at The Tavern (10507 82 Avenue). Beginning at 7 p.m., everyone (including children until 8 p.m.) is welcome to attend to watch bands like The Conch and Heart of the City mainstays like Lutra Lutra. Another Heart and Boyle Street drop-in performer – Jim Kerr – will be hosting the event, pulling double duty as both a hip-hop artist and stand-up comedian. Tickets are $15 at the door with all proceeds going to Heart of the City 2019. Come support the outstanding talent in your community with joining us in this event!

Lastly (and with great excitement), we are opening Main Stage applications on February 10. To apply to play, please go to Thanks so much for your continued support, and we’re greatly looking forward to another great year!

Charity is the President of the Board of Heart of the City.

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