Heart of the City: Hope, Healing, and Harmony

Festival continues to grow and inspire!

  • Mile Zero Dance Paula E. Kirman

  • Konzy Vida Paula E. Kirman

  • Street Prints Artist Collective Paula E. Kirman

  • John Guliak Paula E. Kirman

  • Tyler Lizotte Paula E. Kirman

  • Artist Magdalena Rzeczkowska and family. Paula E. Kirman

  • Young Medicine Paula E. Kirman

  • Chubby Cree William Neis

  • Brother Octopus Jim Lapp

  • Jamming at the CreArt Youth Stage. Savannah Kafara

  • Darren Frank Elham Heidari

  • HOTC Board of Directors Savannah Kafara

  • Mariam Quereshi William Neis

  • Rellik Jim Lapp

  • Tab CA performs spoken word at The Beat stage. Paula E. Kirman

Right in the heart of McCauley, Heart of the City (HOTC) 2017 brought a multitude of artistic expression into Giovanni Caboto Park! Wherever you walked, creativity would find you musically, visually, or through sheer inspiration. With the Main Stage, CreArt youth stage, The Beat tent, art workshops, New Music Edmonton, and Mile Zero Dance, the festival was pulsating with amazing talent! Singers, slam poets, musicians, performance artists, art vendors, workshop leaders, and crafters – you name it, they were there! With perhaps our biggest turnout since HOTC began 14 years ago, it truly was a spectacular sight to witness. We were also fortunate to have such wonderful weather! Mix one part bright and one part cloud, and you have the perfect recipe for a well-attended park!

This year’s theme was “Hope, Healing, and Harmony.” In trying and uncertain times, it is crucial to come together, feel supported, and build a strong community. The photos from HOTC 2017 show this strength. McCauley and Boyle Street: thank you for ensuring this community thrives! We cannot wait to see what other amazing talents, events, and inclusivity are just around the corner.

Charity is a Heart of the City board member.

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