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Here Comes September

The long hot days are coming to an end. The memories of summer vacation have still not left our minds, and here comes the golden season of the year: fall. Just like a painter, fall mixes all its bright and beautiful colours on the large leaves of trees, creating a mosaic. The leaves – which are trying to hold tight on trees’ branches, their homes during the spring and summer months – fall down and fly with the stormy fall winds. They circle squirrels and fall down on the ground, creating a red and golden carpet. Through the gray-eyed autumn days a ray of the sun will hatch and the blue sky will sparkle among the clouds. September has come, the bridge between summer and fall.

The first of September is the beginning of a new stage for all students. The doors of schools open wide to welcome to give a start to the new school year. This is a day of smiles, happiness, bright backpacks, new books, and colourful pencils. The first bell rings. This day is especially important to those who for the first time walk into a classroom and begin taking the first steps as they enter this new wonderful country of knowledge. It is a long trip which lasts for 12 years.

School is a ladder of knowledge and with each year we take another step, beginning from the first light years of school and ending with the more difficult ones which are found at the top of the ladder. A school is a shop which establishes the future generation of specialists. Our teachers and parents help us to pass through this unique and long journey. They teach us to believe in ourselves, our minds to think, our hands to create beautiful pieces of art, as well as our hearts to be kind and help others in need. Each child is a flower and its petals are their knowledge.

For many students this year will be their last year at school and it will be the students’ last step before entering adulthood. For them it is both a happy and sad day, since they will always remember their school years, their teachers, friends, and various achievements. They also know that they can always come to visit their second home: their school.

For the parents of students this is also an exciting day. Looking at their smiling children, each one of them remembers their first day at school, their first teachers, as well as their first school bell.

I want to congratulate all students on the beginning of the new academic year. The sails of the school frigate are already raised. Let the wind of hope be strong and come to the rescue when storms arise in your school life.

Natanel Krieksfeld is a grade 10 student at Argyll Centre.

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