Home with Keri and a Cat

The most basic point of “home” is that you live there. The place where you live arguably is where you take care of yourself, eat, sleep, receive your mail, and do other things that mark your existence. Home can be any one of a near infinity of places if you can get these basics established.

Growing up on a farm, home included a lot of complications that needed to be addressed. There were animals, livestock, and pets, with a garden and crops in need of attention. Home is where you take care of yourself and an environment where you can extend care. I have not had a garden since leaving the farm. The only holdover from childhood is cat ownership. When I met Keri and was getting to know her, there was a point of introducing her to the cats in my life. Naturally, they got along wonderfully. I live with Keri in a peaceful, creative pocket of comfort shared with a pampered cat.

I will judge the possible quality of a home on the state of their pets. When visiting places all through my past I would likely spend time with cats and dogs. If they were contented and happy it was a good thing, no matter how humble the circumstances may be. Having a nice place is based on your own choices of atmosphere and environment to take care of yourself and the ones you choose to care about. I can’t imagine something like a gun in my home. Of course, there were rifles on the farm and that was exclusively Dad’s thing, but I never shot them at all.

At my home Keri paints and writes, I do my writing, we both read quite often, and spend time with our cat. There are also other cats and Maltese puppies in residence since my building is quite pet-friendly. I have considered that the pet-loving landlords have avoided times of needless drama from tenants who have to come home and take care of something waiting for them. I love to come home to my wife and my cat, as it is the nicest part of every day. Anyone should able to appreciate that if they can find it.

Reinhardt lives in Boyle Street with his wife, Keri Breckenridge.

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