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Hooray for Team Spirit

I was that kid.

That kid who was always picked last for teams in physical education classes. That kid who, despite really trying, would always come in last in races. That kid who would be judged by and graded by performance results, not by effort.

Granted, it was a much less enlightened time. However, my experiences in gym class really tainted my experiences with sports, especially team sports.

I loved to run and play, as long as I was not being graded for it, and preferably could do it alone. Thankfully, a love of being active has stayed with me into adulthood, which is especially important since the majority of my working time is spent sitting in front of a computer. Walking and cycling in particular are the mainstays of my physical activities.

Despite my own negative experiences with sports, I believe that team sports can be excellent ways for kids to learn how to get along with each other, how to play by the rules, and the importance of regular exercise. Community leagues, like the ones we have in the area, do a lot of hard work when it comes to programming sports for young people.

And where there are community leagues, there are volunteers. Volunteers who organize, coach, encourage, and cheer the kids on.

The best thing about community sports, in my opinion, is that all abilities are celebrated – not just the times when a goal or home run is scored. Such encouragement does wonders for a young person’s attitude. If I had to do it over again in today’s world, I think I would have a more positive team spirit.

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