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HOTC 2019: Momentum

Heart of the City grows and changes with the community every year. This year, our theme is “Momentum,” keeping in mind both the momentum of the festival, and the culture of the community.

Headlining the festival is Josh Sahunta, who provides an honest, breezy look into modern relationships. Festival-goers can also look forward to hearing from Lia Cole, who brings a striking and soulful sound to the main stage, as well as Baby Boy Blue, who is bringing trap influences into modern dark, almost creepy, pop. Among many others in the jam-packed weekend, another act to watch out for is Jenesia, a genre-bending pop group, who have deceptively deep lyrics and light-hearted melodies.

Another festival favourite is our youth stage, put on by our friends at CreArt, which is an organization that focuses on building arts and community among the city’s youth.

The festival is also pleased to be bringing back art workshops, including an introduction to working with clay. Another important aspect of Heart of the City is the spoken word stage, combining dynamic and engaging poetry, as well as a family-friendly story slam.

Heart of the City also includes an intercultural gathering space, in part acknowledging the traditional owners of the land on which the festival takes place, but also recognizing that our city is made great by the combination of cultures that make up its core.

In addition to the momentum of the soul, the momentum of our bodies will be satisfied by dance with Mile Zero Dance.

The weekend is an incredible way to fill your heart with culture, food, and an amazing time, but it wouldn’t be possible without our wonderful volunteers.If you would like to get involved, please visit:

Noah is the Marketing and Communications Manager with Heart of the City.

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