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Hyperlocal is Hyper Important

During a recent radio interview I was asked why a small, hyperlocal community newspaper like Boyle McCauley News is still relevant after 40 years.

With mainstream media being dominated by corporations, and smaller, alternative publications being forced into extinction due to changing economic times, the fact that Boyle McCauley News is still chugging along like the “little community newspaper that could” demonstrates that it is indeed relevant.

The paper provides news and information about the area, as well as a voice for the people within the neighbourhoods of Boyle Street and McCauley. For many of our contributors, being published in the paper is the only opportunity they will get to have direct access to the media. Because the paper is hyperlocal, it focuses on the news, events, and people that are often overlooked by other media outlets. It seeks to break stereotypes about this area by presenting positive aspects of inner city life.

We have grown with the times and have a large web presence and very active social media, reaching new generations of readers here and beyond the area. However, some of our readers are shut-ins, seniors with no access to a computer, and people with disabilities. Having a print publication delivered to their homes is their only means of getting information about what is going on in the community,

For all of these reasons, I explained that Boyle McCauley News is not only hyperlocal – it’s hyper important.

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