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If Only June Were Forever

“I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June.” (Lucy Maud Montgomery, Canadian author, 1874-1942)

I refer to June as the halfway mark. It is the sixth month out of the full twelve of the year. The beginning of summer is on Tuesday, June 21st (at 3:14 a.m. MST, to be exact). School will be winding down, while patios and outdoor markets will abound and daylight will be longer. What a gift you are, June.

Fun fact: June used to be the fourth month of the year in the original Roman calendar, before the Julian Calendar was created!

In addition to June 21 being the summer solstice, it is also National Indigenous Peoples Day. Another important date coming up in June of 2022 is Father’s Day on June 19th, which is a day to recognize fathers or father figures.

My favourite, of course, is International Picnic Day! It is celebrated on June 18th this year. However, any day can be Picnic Day. Just pack up a picnic basket, or go grab some items from a local shop, and head to Giovanni Caboto Park.

Happy Summer – celebrate the sunshine!

Ian is a columnist with the paper. He lives in the area.

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