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Italian Centre Tea Aisle

Read fine lines of print
on tea-bag boxes through your
2.0-power reading glasses
to find Earl Grey decaf.
In the 1.5-meter-wide aisle,
stay two meters away
from shoppers who scoff
at social distancing rules,
who think COVID-19
is for everybody else
or believe their bravado
and sweat-crafted six-pack
can crunch any pipsqueak virus.
Backtrack. Circumnavigate
the chocolates, the fridge
stocked with spiced sausages
if someone approaches or
has his nose next to a label
to decipher Polish text.
Wait until the path is clear.
Try to understand why
Italians fixate on caffeine:
here, decaf is anathema.
Go home with chamomile.

Gary is a poet and author in McCauley. He is a former Chair of the paper’s Board of Directors.

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