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Izwi Lethu Arts Society

Harmonizing cultures and fostering growth in Edmonton.

The Edmonton Intercultural Centre (EIC) is a community full of love, caring, and support. In this and future articles, we will inform readers of the non-profit organizations operating in the EIC facility in order to bring light to their many good deeds.

In a vibrant initiative aimed at addressing the unique needs and challenges faced by the youth community in Edmonton, the Izwi Lethu Arts Society has emerged as a powerful force for cultural exploration and skill development. The name “Izwi Lethu,” meaning “our voice” in Zulu, aptly captures the essence of this community-driven project that resonates with diverse voices.

The project responds directly to the pressing need for educational opportunities that empower those members of the McCauley community who come from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Izwi Lethu Arts Society invites children and individuals from all walks of life to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of African music, theatre, and visual arts. This inclusive approach not only hones participants’ artistic abilities, but also fosters cross-cultural understanding, creating a melting pot of creativity and diversity.

Guiding this cultural exploration is Clayton Pasi Gunguwo, originally from Zimbabwe and a Canadian resident for over two decades. Alongside him are local associate artists from around the globe, forming a collective that transcends borders and barriers. This dynamic team provides participants with a comprehensive learning experience. Participants in the project will develop a wide range of skills which will foster their personal and professional growth.

The Izwi Lethu Arts Society is more than a creative space: it is a community hub where voices from different cultures harmonize to create something beautiful. Through this initiative the youth in Edmonton are not just learning about traditional rhythms and arts, but also gain a deeper understanding of one another. The Society’s commitment to cultural exchange and skill development makes it a beacon of unity and growth in the heart of Edmonton. Izwi Lethu: where diverse voices come together to create a symphony of shared experiences.

Classes are every Friday from 5 p.m. - 7 p.m. For more information email or call 780-802-2289.

Information provided by the Edmonton Intercultural Centre, which is located at 9538 107 Avenue.

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