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January 2021

Our inevitable first snowfall of the season happened a few days before I wrote this short message. While the world currently seems in a state of flux, Edmonton’s winter is always something upon which we can depend.

You can also depend upon community news and information at our website, We have been publishing more online content than ever before, particularly time-sensitive news that happens in between print issues. We always share on our social media whenever we publish something new on our website. Follow us bmcnews on "Facebook": and "Twitter":, and bmcviews on Instagram.

We are in need of some volunteers, especially Block Carriers (in McCauley) and Apartment Ambassadors/Condo Connectors (in Boyle Street) to help us get the paper to readers. It’s a great way to volunteer and connect with your community. Contact me for more information (

If you can, please help keep the paper sustainable by taking part in our micro-donation campaign. As little as $2 each month can help keep us publishing. Head to for more information.

Happy and safe holidays to all of you!

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