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July & August 2016

The July/August issue is here, which means it is time for our annual Summer issue. We’ve got lots of photos from community events like the Clean Up, Heart of the City and the new Meet Me in McCauley Market and insights from our writers about a variety of community happenings.

With the summer comes not only a change in the season, but also changes here at the paper. We wish a fond farewell to Brenden Murphy, who has been serving on our board. He and his family are moving to Ontario this summer as he pursues his studies. Brenden, thank you so much for volunteering with the paper. I speak for many in the community when I say that we will miss you and Erin and the kids.

As well, I want to thank John Hooper for helping guide readers to great eats in the community for the past three years, writing the “Dining Out” column. John has decided to take a step back from contributing to the paper on a regular basis. Thank you John!

As always, contributions, suggestions, and information on volunteer opportunities are available by contacting me at In the meantime, have a wonderful summer. See you again in September.

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