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June 2011

Our theme this month is Sports. We have a lot of athletic people in the area involved in a variety of physical activities, both past and present. Check out some of the interesting articles about soccer, running, and cycling, as well as some artwork inspired by playing sports.

Speaking of which, we really want to encourage the kids in the community to take part in the paper, so if your children show an artistic flair for drawing or writing, send their work our way.
The federal election has come and gone, and this month we feature an interview with Peter Goldring, the winning incumbent. As well, we’ve got some interesting community news and observations concerning the proposed arena, forgotten LRT station, and comments on some recent articles by community members.

There is so much going on at this time of the year, from Heart of the City to the annual Clean Up to soccer and more. Visit our website at to check out the community calendar and contribute information about any events coming up in the area. Thanks!

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