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Just Two Seasons Here in the North

Huddled up in a cocoon, covered by blankets and quilts
In the cool winter night, I lie still, in hope of a rest.
My head is full of images of what summertime will bring
Because during these long winter nights
My feet feel so rheumatic and cold.

In sweet summertime among those lush green fields
I can run like a machine, and drink deep of sport.
But in trade I must understand
That it won’t be so easy to sleep
Sweating, covered by only a sheet.

And even in winter as the wind screams,
The cold bites any bit of skin you expose.
Like how in summer the mosquitos do,
But there is always a golden tree-lined path
Through the darkness to warm, safe rest.

You can’t find it while sleeping alone.
Someone you love must be near enough to hold and…
And love you back enough to be held.
Without that, there is little to do but to lie in the night
Trying to conceive of the perfect insomnia poem.

Leif lives in McCauley. You can learn more about him and his work at

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