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Letting Go Leads to Growth

I’ve been spending a few weeks dealing with clutter. For some reason, while I tend to be highly motivated in most regards, when it comes to downsizing and organizing a physical living space, I am a terrible procrastinator.

However, sorting through a couple of decades’ worth of photographs, notebooks, clothing, keepsakes, and more has been rather enlightening, albeit requiring a great deal of physical and mental energy.

I’m seeing glimpses of the person I was, as well as the one who I have become. I’m making decisions as to what memories I would like to hold on to, and which ones I need to let go.

In fact, it’s really all about letting go. In the physical realm, this involves ridding ourselves of material possessions that no longer fit us, both physically and mentally.

But clothing isn’t the only thing that may no longer fit. In our lives, there often come times when we have to take stock of the people around us, the places we go, and the things we do. We have to make decisions about letting go of relationships and life choices that no longer suit us.

Though a physically daunting task, the space around me is becoming bigger, brighter, and more inspiring. The effort is paying off. Likewise, walking away from friendships, groups, and activities that are not adding anything to our lives anymore can be really scary. Yet doing so will provide the room necessary for new relationships and experiences that make us grow as people.

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