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A List of Life Lessons

In this journey I’ve learned a few lessons. All paths are different; however, I feel most people can relate to the following ideas.

1. Nothing lasts forever. Life is impermanent – a simple, straightforward truth that we tend to ignore in our day-to-day existence. Look around. In 100 years, who or what will still be here? Don’t cling too much to the day-to-day physical existence. There is a part of you that is infinite, which clinging stifles.

2. Be open. If nothing lasts forever, then everything changes. If you can open yourself to this continual change, it becomes easier to enjoy change rather than be frightened of it. The best moments of your life can come in a much-unexpected package.

3. Let go. To open yourself, you have to be willing to surrender your ideas, feelings, and beliefs. We hold onto negative patterns of thought that tell us that we’re unworthy. We expend so much energy in a direction that doesn’t make us feel any better. We don’t have to hold onto everything so tightly. What we need will find us.

4. Forgive yourself. We are all living, breathing, and messing it up every day we walk this Earth. In between these defeats and failures are moments of inspiration and divinity. Appreciate and acknowledge those moments and forgive everything else. Onwards and upwards.

5. Allow yourself to be at peace. Take a deep breath and notice the beautiful clouds. Extend that breath. Rest is not an indulgence – it is a necessity. Being momentarily inactive imparts more meaning and deliberateness to your active moments.

6. Love. Even in the middle of your worst moments, find something to love. It will save you.

Keri lives in Boyle Street.

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