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Maggie: The Light of My Life

Maggie. Ian Young

“The sun is gone, but I have a light.” Kurt Cobain (American Musician 1967-1994)

In the darkest of times, we can still see light!

Recently I lost my best friend and faithful companion – my dog Maggie.

Maggie came to me as a rescue but I wonder who rescued who? She provided me with unconditional love for over 10 years. She was truly the light of my life!

I never felt lonely or isolated with Maggie. She was my routine, my reason for coming home happy, and so many reasons to love.

On September 17, Maggie passed peacefully in our home. Knowing she passed in a home full of love and security makes me feel better.

Yes, I grieve. Grieving is an unusual emotion, I’ve gone through everything from sadness, to depression, to joy in the recollection of the beautiful memories I shared with my little lady.

The light did not go out. It just beams in a different place in my heart.

Thank you Maggie for the beautiful years we shared! I will always remember our bond.

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