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May 2020

Welcome to our May issue. You may notice the paper is smaller than usual. Given the cancellation of all community events, we have fewer stories to report. Still, we have important community news and updates for you.

Our micro-donation campaign is in full swing. We need your support more than ever so we can continue bringing the community together. Committing to a small monthly donation can help us out a lot. Head to for more information.

While we still plan to do another raffle this year, COVID-19 has changed our plans since we currently can’t be to be out and about selling tickets. We are also looking into changing the prize from a trip to cash. We’ll let you know when we have more details.

Our new and improved website has launched. Visit to check it out. If you use Facebook or Twitter, we’re on there as bmcnews. On "Instagram":, we’re bmcviews.

Comments? Questions? Interested in volunteering? Drop me a line at

Stay safe and stay well!

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