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McCauley Author Makes National List

Leif Gregerson has been named one of 11 Canadian writers to watch, on the CBC Canada Writes website.

Gregersen is the author of four self-published books: Through The Withering Storm, a memoir of life with Bipolar Disorder; Green Mountain Road and Selected Stories, a collection of fiction; and two poetry books, all of which can be found at Tix On The Square in Churchill Square. He has also completed another volume of short stories, and is working on a radio program for CJSR FM88 called “The Prose and Poetry Show.”

“Perhaps the most important reason I write it though is to express my inner feelings and emotions. I have been through a lot in my life, and there are a lot of things I left unsaid to people and there are also a lot of little vignettes that have inspired me in different ways,” he says.

“Poetry seems, like no other medium, to be a way for me to feel validated by giving me a way to let off steam before it builds up too much pressure. I really like it when I write something about love or loss or death or even just a moose I saw in a field at a young age against a rocky mountain backdrop, and someone approaches me and I discover that they really got the underlying meaning of what I was trying to say.”

You can read some of Leif’s work at his Facebook page for Valhalla Books, as well as in our poetry feature in this month’s centrespread.

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