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McCauley Development Co-operative:  Investment Project Engages Community

The Board of the McCauley Development Co-operative is delighted that the required investments were raised by the end of 2019. Effective January 15th, 2020 the ownership of The Piazza on the corner of 95th Street and 108A Ave. will be transferred to the community-led investment co-op.

A huge project, tight timelines, and an overwhelming drive from community members enabled the project’s success. Over $1M in investments were made, primarily from residents and supporters of the McCauley neighbourhood. Over 80 individuals invested, all of whom are keenly interested in seeing a revitalization of this park-side gem in Little Italy. Indeed, their investments are a huge testament of the commitment and passion that this community has for positive change and vibrancy in our inner city.

The project would not have been possible without the considerable assistance of The Edmonton Community Development Company. The ECDC staff and board offered guidance, meeting space, expertise, bridge loans, an incredible amount of staff support hours, and much more to assist the fledgling, newly-formed co-operative. We are very grateful to the Board and leadership of the ECDC for their vision and contributions to contribute to this process in such a monumental way.

While there will be a lot of work going on in the background, one of the first visible activities of the McCauley Development Co-operative Board will be to celebrate. Keep your eyes and ears open for information about a Spring Block Party that will bring together our neighbours and businesses to celebrate the Piazza – as a newly energized contributor to life in McCauley.

Article submitted by the McCauley Development Co-operative.

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