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Merry, Happy Holidays

“Merry Everything and A Happy Always”- Meg Says, U.K. online columnist

As the holiday season is approaching, we should respect our diverse community and its traditions. Different cultures celebrate and recognize different dates. It is fascinating to observe traditions that differ from yours!

Our community is culturally rich. I often say it’s like travelling around the world, without having a passport!

You can see, learn, and appreciate so much. And, of course, there comes the tradition of giving in a holiday season. You don’t have to be wealthy to give: a greeting, a smile is free, but it is giving of yourself which is a gift to the ones receiving it.

If you have any items you no longer need or that no longer fit, a donation to one of the agencies is a great way of giving! It is a win-win situation! Many agencies are offering pick-ups. Contact Boyle Street Community Services at (780) 424-4106.

However you choose to spend your season, I am wishing you peace and love!

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