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Mission House for House of Refuge

The entrance to the Mission House. Colin Chong

_Update (October 2018): The Mission House is no longer affiliated with House of Refuge Mission. For more information, click here

The House of Refuge Mission is a Christian-based, independently-run Inner-City Gospel Mission. We are not affiliated with any church organization, and most of our regular workers have their own home church. None of our workers receive any remuneration, although we are blessed in many other ways.

We have recently been blessed by a Christian benefactor who owns a house located at 10548 96 Street. He has renovated and prepared the rear area facing the alley for the use of the Mission.

The Mission will use this space as a place for people to come in off the street and have a warm place to sit and have coffee or tea and talk. We will not be serving food so the numbers should be light. We will provide portable toilets for use during the times when the Mission House is open. The portable toilets will be well maintained as well as locked and secured when not required. People will come in from the alley and enter through the back entrance.

People who require clothing and/or food will continue to go to the alley beside Edmonton Cash Register where the House of Refuge Mission has been distributing food and clothing every evening at 6 p.m. for the past three years.

We would like to encourage people who visit the Mission in the alley beside Edmonton Cash Register and have given their lives to Jesus to make their way to the Mission House at 10548 96 Street to learn more about their faith and how to live a Christian life. We are encouraging Bible Studies, Prayer Meetings, and other types of discipleship programs and a Sunday evening worship service.

The Drop-In, Bible studies, prayer meetings, and services will be overseen by volunteers. Hours are every evening at 7 p.m.

Linda lives in McCauley. She is the publisher of Alberta Street News.

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