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My Home: A Comfort Zone

“Home is where one starts from.”-T.S. Eliot (American poet, 1888-1965)

My birthplace and my home mean two different things, as I left my birthplace with my family to relocate to Edmonton for my father’s work. I have lived here the longest and refer to Edmonton as my hometown. To me, my hometown is the one with which I am most familiar.. It is easy to navigate and full of memories of my childhood, adolescence, and now adult years.

When I pass by buildings that used to be the drug store or the gas station, I feel a sense of nostalgia and warmth. I guess that is why the phrase “home is where the heart is” makes sense.

I have resided in the Boyle Street/McCauley community for over 11 years, and I love and appreciate it: the location, the variety, the access. I reside in a co-op and I enjoy the elements of co-op living, plus I am rewarded with beautiful views of the city (especially Dawson Park and the River Valley).

My home is my comfort zone. My independence soars as I prepare my own meals, relax at my pace, and, yes, the kitchen is my favourite room because I love to cook.

When I feel comfort and security, that feels like home!

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