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Nativity on 95A Street

Wise Man Paula E. Kirman

In 2017, some of McCauley and Boyle Street’s neighbours in Norwood at 95A Street between 112 and 113 Avenues set up a gigantic Nativity scene for the holidays.

After taking a year off due to the larger-than-life figures needing maintenance, in late November they set it up again. Spread out on four front yards, the figures depict Mary and Joseph (with a basket representing where baby Jesus would be), and the Three Wise Men. It’s definitely worth the walk to view.

Gillian Kerr, a resident of the area and friend of the artist who created these figures, was instrumental in making this happen. “The Nativity of 95A Street is a perfect community project for our block,” she explains.

The Nativity scene was created by Vicki Martin, who needed to find a new home for her creations when she moved from the city in 2017. Gillian, a friend of Vicki’s, volunteered to help.

“I knew my little yard was too small to host a full set of 8 to 12 foot creatures, but a collective of yards could do it. Vicki, always creative, built these majestic and almost intimidating figures. Now, we (the neighbours of 95A) are going to make them part of our holiday tradition.”

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