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New and Returning Faces at Heart of the City

Heart of the City just recently had its AGM for 2019-2020! An exciting turnout abounded and we are most pleased to announce our new board for this upcoming 16th year.

On the Executive front, Charity Slobod is returning as President for another fun-filled year. Jakki Duttenhoffer is the new Vice-President in charge of the Main Stage and music operations. Emily Peden is a newcomer to the festival, and as Treasurer, will use her years studying Business at the U of A in helping tighten HOTC’s financial planning. As Secretary, the one and only Faytima Goble (with over eight years on the board) will lead this crucial documented initiative.

Thank goodness we welcome back none other than Mike Siek (Producer extraordinaire), Gautam Karnik, “Jam-Jar” (a.k.a. James Jarvis), volunteer wrangler Elizabeth McEwan, spoken-word maven Corine Demas (“Survivor D”), and CreArt creator Sebastian Barrera!

Lastly, numerous congratulations are in order for our newest additions: Noah Garver and Valorie Squires – they will carry this festival front for years to come! Mentorship is always at our core, and we cannot wait to get this festival season started!

See you in the park June 1 and 2!

Please consult our website for all the updates!

Charity is the President of the Board of Heart of the City.

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