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New Kinistinâw Park: A Community Hub

Kinistinâw Park. Adam Borman

Mary Ann Debrinski, Director, Urban Renewal, City of Edmonton, recently received this message from a community member. Kinistinâw Park runs along 96 Street between 102A and 103A Avenue.

Last Saturday my husband took our two daughters to Kinistinâw Park to play after a Farmers Market/ice cream run, while I was at work. When they arrived, an older couple had set up a speaker and were using the boardwalk to practice their two-stepping. Meanwhile, another dad and his young daughter were playing on the rubber hills. The three girls hit it off right away and the dads exchanged contact info for future play dates.

During their conversation, plans for a new Boyle Street playground came up. The other dad, who also lives close by, volunteered to help with the project. While they were talking, a couple in their 20s, who came to the park via the 96 Street bike lanes, hopped off their bicycles and were soon seen dancing alongside the older couple.

In the course of an hour or two, this space saw music, play, new friendships between neighbours, volunteer engagement, active transportation, and spontaneous, intergenerational recreation. We’re going to spend a lot of time here.

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