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New Mosaics in McCauley

Artwork now adorns pillars around Giovanni Caboto Park

Top: a close up of one of the new mosaics. Paula E. Kirman

A number of small, beautiful new mosaics recently appeared on the pillars outside of Giovanni Caboto Park. They were created by local artists Theodora Harasymiw and Heidi Oshry.

“I created the mosaic on the side of the Italian Centre a number of years ago and as I was installing the piece I would constantly be looking across at the concrete structures flanking Giovanni Caboto park entrance. They have these rectangular inserts that looked like they were just waiting for someone to put art in them. So I approached Jane Molstad about whether or not this would be possible. And so the project was set into motion,” explains Harasymiw.

The designs all have a theme of Giovanni Caboto and Italy. “We researched Giovanni Caboto himself for part of it. One of the mosaics is that of The Matthew, the ship Caboto sailed over on. We also spoke to Teresa Spinelli about what images came to mind for her regarding the Italian theme,” Harasymiw says.

Harasymiw and Oshry began their mosaic company, Kora Mosaic Studio, around a year ago. Their work can be seen at various locations around Edmonton, including the Victoria School of the Arts, the exterior of St. John’s Institute on Whyte Avenue, in the Glenrose Hospital, the exterior of the Parkdale/Cromdale Community League, and in Father Michael Troy Junior High School.

“We believed that mosaic was the perfect art form for this project being that there is so much of it in Europe, and specifically Italy. It lends itself beautifully to public art projects. Mosaic stands up against our weather, never fades, and has very little maintenance,” says Harasymiw.

To view more of Harasymiw and Oshry’s work, visit Kora Mosaic Studio on Facebook or at

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