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New “Who to Call” Guide for McCauley

For several years, “Who to Call” guides have played an important role in connecting McCauley community members to resources.

An early outcome of the Safer McCauley initiative was the Neighbourhood Response Tool, developed by the City of Edmonton’s Neighbourhood Empowerment Team, or NET. “This guide helps you make the right call at the right time. It informs you on what to do and who to call in case you witness a range of situations . . . It also provides tangible steps to increase safety and minimize risk” (

Adding to the Neighbourhood Response Tool, McCauley Revitalization began the annual distribution of a “Who to Call When” postcard that highlighted the resources most relevant to McCauley.

Increased connectivity and collaboration in McCauley have produced several new resources and services. And to keep you informed, Safer McCauley and McCauley Revitalization have created an up-to-date guide. The Chinatown and McCauley Safety & Cleanliness Resource Booklet supports community members with things such as confidentially reporting a problem property, the free removal of illegally dumped junk, free clean up of needles on private property, free sharps containers and litter clean up tools, and contacts for our EPS Downtown Division Beats Team.

To access (and download) the new guide, please visit and click on Resources & Contacts. The @SaferMcCauley Facebook page has also added a series of rotating posts that highlight specific resources. A hard copy postcard will also be distributed throughout the neighbourhood.

Mark is Program Manager for REACH Edmonton’s Neighbourhood Organizing Initiative. He can be contacted at

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