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November 2020

At the time I am writing this, leaves are changing colour and starting to fall off of the trees. By the time you read this, there might even be snow on the ground. However, here’s a new issue of Boyle McCauley News to enjoy while keeping warm.

Have you visited our website lately? We publish exclusive stories that either don’t make it into our print edition, or happen in between issues. Visit us at You can also follow us on social media, where we share important community information, share when we publish something new on our website, and sometimes post photos from community events. We are bmcnews on "Facebook": and "Twitter":, and bmcviews on Instagram.

We’re always looking for volunteers, especially Block Carriers (in McCauley) and Apartment Ambassadors/Condo Connectors (in Boyle Street) to help us get the paper to readers. Contact me for more information (

You can also help keep the paper publishing by taking part in our micro-donation campaign. Even as little as $2 each month can go a long way towards helping the paper remain sustainable. Head to for more information.

Enjoy the issue and keep well.

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