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Ode to Clean Up Volunteers

Several volunteers hard at work. From left: Monika, Kenny, Roxy, and Sheldon. Taro Hashimoto

The volunteers of the Annual McCauley Clean Up stand for all that is good, despite any shortcomings and resistance. It shows the character of who we are: the grit and determination, the humility and reservation, the blood, sweat, and tears.

When called to duty and to support a cause, we McCauley community volunteers grind out a winner every time. Each year, we have brothers and sisters who are no longer able to perform as they once could. For them, we dig deeper and prove our commitment. For the children and elderly who need a safe and welcoming place to call home, we follow through. And with each bead of sweat, blister, and ache we feel, there is redemption.

The Annual McCauley Clean Up on June 9 began from before 6 a.m. and lasted until 6 p.m. (that’s 12 hours, folks). Twelve hours of persistence and determination to make it work. Twelve hours of togetherness and putting all selfishness aside. Load after load for the community. Toss after lift, lift after toss…

But we do things like this on a daily basis. We simply put it on display once a year like a championship win trophy. The other 364 days are what allow us to bring it on home for the people.

Taro is the e4c Community Development Officer & Coordinator for Volunteers for Heart of the City Festival and Annual McCauley Community Clean Up.

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