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Panini’s Keeps the Pizzas Coming

Campaign for people to donate pizzas to Boyle Street Community Services continues.

Pizza boxes with names of donors and their locations. This photo was taken in September, 2020. Supplied

Our November 2020 issue featured a story about how Panini’s Italian Cucina was providing pizzas for lunches for the clients of Boyle Street Community Services. The pizzas were being donated by people from all over North America.

At that point, 597 pizzas were ordered – enough for 24 pizzas every week for six months. In total, 402 orders came from the United States (308 of them from Nevada), 191 from Canada (158 from Alberta), and four orders from outside Canada and the U.S.

On May 29th, Panini’s reported on its Facebook page that, as of May 31st, the restaurant has been able to deliver 837 large pizzas (that’s 6,696 slices) to Boyle Street Community Services to thus far.

“We ran two campaigns last year with the help of some Vegas Hockey fans from all over the USA, local Panini’s supporters, and a generous young man named Graeson. This coming Monday the last of those 837 pizzas will be delivered!” the post enthusiastically states.

Last year, Panini’s was exploring how to set up a website infrastructure to keep the campaign running permanently. It looks like the restaurant, which is located at 8544 Jasper Avenue, has found a solution. Check out Panini’s new website, and click DONATE A PIE.

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