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Passing the Torch

A fond farewell to our McCauley home.

From left: Nella Bruni, Darcia Parada, Boris Derow, Sarah Noelle Pearson, and Sarah’s daughter Olive. Leanne Koziak

In mid-July, we filled a U-Haul truck with our (too many) possessions and drove across the Canadian plains and shield to our new destination.

It was fitting that our journey’s pit stops were accompanied by sights and sounds of the strangest summer Olympics on record. The drive around the lakes is Olympian in scope.

Why did we move to New York, North America’s early epicentre of the pandemic, one might ask?

Our answer: we can idly stand by, or continue to move in the direction of our dreams set in motion pre- Covid.

While the fifteen-plus years spent in McCauley were beyond enjoyable, the last year in the dwelling affectionately dubbed Casa Rosso had been the most fulfilling and magical of all.

Covid provided an opportunity to transform. An average duckling of a house became a beautiful swan. We lost dark chocolate lab Koco and found white chocolate Abby. Our adult son moved in with us after a break up and it deepened our relationship. We started a jazz band and performed a series of backyard shows. These culminated in a farewell concert attended by Casa Rosso denizens past, present, and future.

When we decided to sell we said, “We want the house to go to people who will appreciate it and value its charm.” Enter Sarah and her artistic daughter Olive who felt the juju. Captivated, they understood the quirkiness and challenges of being new pioneers of McCauley’s chrysalis.

When I first moved back to Edmonton from New York City, I knew I wanted to reside where I would feel at home, and McCauley was it. Chinatown and Little Italy side by side – just like Manhattan – with ringing church bells, Giovanni Caboto Park, great shops, walkability, and a diverse community. We made friends here who we know we’ll miss and remember fondly. The neighbourhood we called home will always remain in our hearts and memories. We also know that in passing the torch to Sarah and Olive, the love on the block will increase in Olympian fashion.

Darcia Parada, writing from Brooklyn, New York.

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