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Pieces of History

It’s spring cleaning time at my home. As always, the annual excavation uncovers numerous back issues of Boyle McCauley News. I always take some time to flip through them and think about what was happening in the community – and my life – back when a particular issue was published.

When we started to work on our website over 10 year ago, a huge priority was getting our entire archive online. Any issue that we still had a physical copy of was scanned and digitized into a searchable document.

At that time, we also donated a copy of each issue to the City of Edmonton Archives, and continue to send them a set of papers at the end of each year.

Indeed, each issue of the paper is a piece of history. It tells a story about the community through news, documentation of events, and the views of people who live here. By extension, our writers and photographers are historians who have been recording life in McCauley and Boyle Street since 1979.

The list of volunteers that appears in each issue also tells a story. Some of our volunteers have been here since day one, or at least for a very long time. They are people who helped build the community, and in some cases their children are now volunteering with the paper or elsewhere in the area.

So when you hold an issue of the paper in your hands, or read it online, think of it as a piece of history. One day, someone is going to look at it and learn something about the the community.

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