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A play by Stewart Lemoine

Oh my, where do I start? It is an accepted fact that Stewart Lemoine is a playwright of immense talent and skill. His dialogue excites and titillates and gives lovers of the English language something to savour. Earlier this year I had an incredible experience at Teatro’s A Good Time In The Rapids, and last night, Pith! lived up to (and possibly exceeded) my expectations of a Lemoine production, which runs until October 27.

If you need Depends from time to time, be sure to wear them when you go to see Pith! The show is uproariously, laugh-out-loud, my-sides-still-hurt funny.

Andrew MacDonald-Smith assumes the role of Jack Vail, with Kristi Hansen and Jenny McKillop as Virginia Tilford and Nancy Kimble. This ensemble balances itself wonderfully. MacDonald-Smith’s frenetic character changes in this short play (80 minutes) are phenomenal. Luckily for the audience he is tempered by Hansen and McKillop. Without them one wonders if we would be able to breathe! I don’t know if he takes a breath!

The play is an homage to the power of imagination, and it is a compliment to the players that their embracing of the absurd is completely believable.

The tickets are very reasonable (Saturday Matinee is $15 for everyone). Adult tickets are $27, and Seniors $22. Check the website for what days offer complimentary wine and cheese.

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