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The cool air flows all over me
But just days before it was as though
The sun had gotten a perch high in the sky
I love the heat so much
To walk while the sun beats down for miles
I get all the time I need to think life through
I get my chance to sort out present, future, past
I hear the ravens calling
On and on the caw-cawing
I wish I were as free as those birds
Not to worry of competing or of love
Just the thrill of flying free

Sometimes I wonder
What if that crow was the reaper
Disguised in a much more soothing form
His love cawing
A bell, a knell
To summon one to heaven or to hell
Where each thing I ever did
Was replayed before my eyes
My evil deeds unpunished
For all to see and judge
Please my raven, do not take me yet
I still truly need to find a way
To be forgiven
Before your black form comes
To take my soul away.

Leif is a writer in McCauley. Most of his books are available at the Edmonton Public Library, in both paperback and eBook.

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