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Relocation of Boyle Street Community Services to McCauley Met with Concerns: Survey

BSCS will be moving into this building once it is renovated. The building formerly housed an indoor paintball centre and numerous non-profit organizations. Leif Gregersen

An informal survey conducted in March reveals that a number of residents in McCauley are concerned about Boyle Street Community Services moving into the neighbourhood.

The results were compiled from the 187 people who responded to the survey, most of who live and work in McCauley. Anna Bubel, an area resident and one of the volunteers behind the survey, posted the following summary in a McCauley neighbourhood Facebook group on April 19:

  • 53% opposed the relocation unconditionally
  • 28% might support the relocation if stringent conditions are met
  • 19% supported the relocation unconditionally
Those opposed want
  • A policy to limit the concentration of social services in McCauley (88%)
  • City Council to reject the development permit or rezoning application (83%)
  • Inform Boyle Street Community Services of these results (81%)
Those who might support the relocation want
  • A legally binding good neighbour agreement (73%)
  • Community representation on the Boyle Street Community Services’ Board of Directors (67%)

Those who support the relocation outright believe an upgraded building will better serve those in need.

Over 3/4 of respondents were concerned or very concerned about the concentration of social service agencies in McCauley.

Elliott Tanti, spokesperson for Boyle Street Community Services, responded to the survey results with the following statement: “Boyle Street has been a member of the community and providing services for over 50 years. Unfortunately, our current location is in a terrible state and quite literally crumbling. This new location is a relocation of our existing service complement just two blocks from our existing facility and will not increase services provided in the area. Boyle Street is committed to a meaningful and ongoing engagement with key stakeholders including local residents, businesses, community groups and BIAs. To date, over 50 conversations have been had with various stakeholders and groups directly impacted by the project with more planned in the near future and throughout the construction phase.”

The McCauley Community League was also provided with the survey results. “BSCS’s proposed relocation is something that has garnered a lot of conversation in and around the neighbourhood. The MCL Board feels our role is to encourage discourse, and to promote and/or facilitate engagement opportunities to McCauley residents and stakeholders,” says Alice Kos, President of the McCauley Community League on behalf of the MCL board.

Boyle Street Community Services has existed for over 50 years and has been in its current location since 1996. It will be moving to 10010 107A Avenue in summer of fall of 2023, once renovations at the building are complete.

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