Reminder: Clear Your Sidewalks

Just a reminder that we are all required by City Bylaw to clear our walks within 48 hours of a snowfall ending. Thanks to all of the wonderful residents who diligently clean and clear their walks, and sand or salt them as needed. You are much appreciated!

To those who don’t know about this requirement of all residents, you can go to the City’s website ( for clarification. Enter “snow” and “sidewalks” into the website’s search function.

If you can’t clear the sidewalks yourself, you can call for help from “Snow Angels” – volunteers who help those who can’t do it themselves because of a disability. Snow Angels can be found through community leagues, seniors’ organizations, schools, and houses of worship.

We, as residents, are the caretakers of our sidewalks – even though they are public property. If someone falls on your icy sidewalks, you can be fined or otherwise held responsible. Lots of us walk on your sidewalks every day, so do your part! Thank you!

Submitted by Joanne McNeal.

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