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Respecting the Earth

“My main issue is sustainability of the Earth, and protection of those animals and people who dwell here.”
Lynda Resnick

Oh Mother Earth, how you have blessed us with your wonders, a place to inhabit, to appreciate, to cultivate, and to respect.

We often hear stories of climate change and the seriousness of its effects on our beautiful planet in the media, but we do not need our leaders to enact laws and regulations. We can simply start with ourselves as individuals and communities to respect our beautiful planet and those who inhabit it. This does not have to be a daunting task, but a routine to develop which will soon become common in our lives.

Let’s start with the “Three Rs:” Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle:

First, reduce. Just buy and use less stuff. Think about what you are buying, and if you really need it. Try to avoid products with excessive packaging.

Next, try to find innovative ways to reuse things before disposing of them. For example, cleaned glass food jars make brilliant organizing jars for small items like cutlery. The possibilities are endless and you can get very creative and original in the meantime. There are numerous websites that have “life hacks” (Google it) that are pure genius!

Find out where your nearest recycling depot or eco-station is, and make it an outing! Taking your bottles back can be an incentive to get extra money back and treat yourself to a nice lunch! Every community in our city has one within proximity. The City of Edmonton website shows a list of where they all are.

I am going to add another “R:” Respect. With regards to respect, let’s leave a beautiful place behind for the next generation. Leave the earth (your home) as it was to you. Don’t litter, try to reduce your carbon footprint, and that grand Mother Earth will be around for many generations to inhabit and enjoy!

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