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Safer McCauley: Annual Community Report Back

Safer McCauley would like to provide you with our 2020 Annual Community Report Back. It’s been a busy year, marked by a move towards addressing more complex issues. Highlights include community-driven actions; strengthened collaboration between stakeholders; increased support for Chinatown; and breakthroughs on problem properties, needle debris, and garbage. The report is also being made available via Boyle McCauley News and social media. Please download the report – or visit for the full report.


Collaboration in McCauley has produced enhanced services to address safety and cleanliness. An up-to-date “who to call” guide has been created. The guide includes information regarding resources to address problem properties, needle debris, and illegally dumped junk – as well as current contacts for your EPS Beats Team members and others. Information in the guide will be distributed through other channels, including Boyle McCauley News, social media, and hard copy. Please click on the following link – or visit to view this new resource:


160 individuals have been involved in designing, planning or carrying out McCauley Litter Blitzes. If you are one of these people, please take a few minutes to participate in the survey in the link below. Complete the survey by December 30 and you will be entered into a draw to win a $100 gift card from the Italian Centre!

We’re exploring ways to make Litter Blitzes more inclusive, welcoming, and rewarding for all volunteers. Your responses will help us improve the activity for next season. They will also help REACH Edmonton to create a litter clean up guidebook for other neighbourhoods to reference and draw inspiration from. Litter Blitz Survey link:

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