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Satisfying Our Love of Pho

Low prices; high quantity and quality at Pho Satay & Grill.

A table of food at Pho Satay & Grill. Alan Schietzsch

With so many dining options in our neighbourhood, restaurants change, yet some things stay the same. So while restaurants come and go, our love of pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) stays the same! In our October-November issue, we covered Delicious Pho, which moved from its old space on 106th Avenue. Now that emptied space has been filled by a new restaurant called Pho Satay & Grill.

The new owners have renovated the space with a clean and modern design using grey wood and black furniture. The look features big wall menus, as well as glossy table menus that offer a broad selection of dishes. There’s not only Vietnamese cuisine but also a selection of Thai and Chinese items.

Being a group of four allowed us to try quite a few items, starting with crispy fried coconut shrimp which was a standout appetizer. The six pieces arrived with a creamy dipping sauce and was followed by four salad rolls filled with steamed shrimp and sliced pork and ham. The very meaty salad rolls came with a jumbo-sized bowl of peanut sauce which I especially enjoyed.

Any restaurant with pho in the name is all about the soup, and since this spot offers more than just pho, we gave the wonton soup a try. We didn’t expect how large each of the slightly sweet tasting meat-filled wontons were, and there must have been ten of them. It was certainly a filling meal in itself.

Next up was the #30 pho with flank, brisket, and tendon. If you’re hungry, I recommend this one - you’ll be very happy with the quantity of meat and noodles. The only surprise was that it didn’t come with the bean sprouts and basil that typically accompany most pho soups.

My partner enjoys pho bo kho, a traditional beef stew, so had to try the #49. It arrived with a plentiful, rich, deep red broth, the richness countered by a leaner beef that was well seasoned and slow-cooked.

To experience more than just soups, we also ordered a vermicelli bowl with grilled shrimp skewers, chicken, and spring roll. This was different in that it didn’t come with fish sauce that accompanies most Vietnamese bowls, and it might have been the biggest menu item. There was plenty left over for tomorrow’s lunch.

No matter what we chose, all the servings were substantial, most dishes being priced between $14 to $18, and with the choice of large or small soups. Alongside our meals we enjoyed two iced coffees, as well as a red bean smoothie and an avocado shake. And maybe next time we’ll get to explore the Thai items on the menu. This might be a great choice if you’re dining with companions who each enjoy different Asian cuisines.

Pho Satay & Grill is open 10:30 a.m.- 9 p.m. Wednesday to Monday. It is closed on Tuesdays.

Alan lives in McCauley. He is the Chair of the paper’s Board of Directors.

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