Editor’s Notes

September 2018

Welcome back! We had a busy summer here at Boyle McCauley News. We published several exclusive stories at our website, which you can read at bmcnews.org. They are archived with the July/August issue. At our website, you can also subscribe to our free e-newsletter, which features highlights from each issue as well as web content.

We also kept our social media active with story highlights, photos, and community news and events that fell through the cracks of our print publishing schedule. Find us on Facebook and Twitter
(bmcnews) as well as "Instagram":https://www.instagram.com/bmcviews (bmcviews).

This is our first issue where we have no specific theme, but are focusing on current community news and views. I welcome your feedback at editor@bmcnews.org.

You may notice that this issue is missing “Something Funny.” Isabelle Foord, who has been writing the humour column for over a decade, is directing her time to other projects. I want to thank her for her contributions to the paper and wish her the best!

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Volunteer With Us!

We are always looking for new writers and photographers, as well as ideas for future stories. We also regularly need block carriers to help with the delivery and distribution of the paper. Email Paula with your submissions, feedback, ideas, and availability. We also ask that contributors read our Editorial Guidelines and that all volunteers read and agree to our Code of Conduct.

Next Issue . . .

Volume 40, Issue 4 will be published June 15. Articles and photos concerning community news, events, and opinions are welcome. We also accept submissions of poetry, and cartoons. Deadline: May 22, 2019. Send submissions to: editor@bmcnews.org. Articles should be 400 words or less and accompanied by photographs (JPG, in high resolution) when possible.