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Clear Your Sidewalks

A reminder and thank-you.

This photo shows ice piled on our 110 Ave. sidewalk by a City plow. It was frozen solid, but is now melting, which creates a skating rink at night when it refreezes. The piled snow is now preventing the melted snow from draining off. It’s not safe to walk on unless sanded or salted, or a channel for drainage is chopped into the row! The City has been notified about this. Joanne McNeal

During this spring freeze and thaw cycle, it is very important for all of us to keep our sidewalks clear. We residents of houses (owners and renters) are required by Edmonton Bylaw to clear our public sidewalks within 48 hours of a snowfall. Many residents are excellent at keeping their walks clear, for which I am very grateful. Thanks to all of you who keep our sidewalks safe.

As a senior, I walk my dogs around the neighbourhood twice a day, and sometimes certain walks are so icy I have to go out on the road, which is not safe. I have fallen several times and now both of my shoulders have been dislocated. Sometimes downspouts direct the flow of water onto snow which creates a skating rink effect. All of us are responsible for clearing the public sidewalks outside our houses – even if you are a renter. Whether you shovel, sand, salt, or however you do it, please clear the snow and ice to help all of us walk safely on your sidewalk. For those who do this regularly, a huge thank-you.

Sand is now available at City of Edmonton roadway maintenance yards and local hardware stores. The Central maintenance yard is located at 10517 – 95 Street. As well, the City reinstated its Community Sandboxes program, with 150 sandboxes filled and returned to their former locations.

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