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Signs of Community Development

The weather was good on May 4 for walking around the Boyle Street neighbourhood, especially with neighbours. It was the official launch of the Boyle Street Walking Map [see the story on page one]. Congratulations to Joelle Reiniger for an awesome job of organizing and hosting a group of walkers that included strollers, dogs, bicycles, and people. It was a short intro walk where I got to meet some great neighbours.

Walking around at other times I’ve also noticed there is a variety of construction in our neighbourhood (in addition to the former big hole on 95 Street and Jasper Avenue). Yes, this is a good sign. Several apartment-type buildings are upgrading and maintaining their residences.

Another sign of activity is that some vacant lots right around my block have For Sale signs now. Hopefully this is positive, and I am praying for responsible landlords, tenants, and management companies.

Construction begins at Kinistinâw Park this spring (for more information: or call 311). I remember attending some of the community engagement opportunities for that area. It looks like some of the suggestions I agreed with may be implemented. I am praying it will be what they envision it to be.

I want to give a shout out to Priyank Patel of MedX Drugs on 95 Street and 103 Avenue for hosting a free community barbecue on the Sunday of the May long weekend in the parking lot behind their building. He and his crew served burgers for at least three hours. Which reminds me – I’ve noticed a pharmacy practically on every block. Better than liquor stores!

So I have become cautiously optimistic that Boyle Street will become a vibrant, prosperous area. After all, Creator works in seasons and I am praying our season is now.

Sharon Pasula is an Indigenous spiritual and cultural resource person who lives in Boyle Street.

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