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Spreading the News

I recently had the opportunity to introduce Boyle McCauley News to people who had either never heard of the paper (if you can believe it!) or had perhaps seen a copy in print or online, but were not overly familiar with the publication.

In every case, I emphasize the fact that Boyle McCauley News exists because of the dedication of its volunteers who write, photograph, proofread, deliver, sit on the board, and so much more. 

I have the chance to explain how the paper helps to build community by getting news and information out there that is often overlooked by other media, such as many of the great events that happen here and local folks making a difference in the community. 

I also talk about how the paper presents a different perspective in general about the neighbourhoods of McCauley and Boyle Street. While there are important social issues in the area that need to be addressed, the positive aspects of life here should not be ignored. I can’t recall how many times someone has told me they had no idea about all of the cool things that happen here until they started following the paper.

Boyle McCauley News gives people the chance to discuss issues and concerns from a first-person point of view. Many of these people would otherwise not have the opportunity to access a media platform. 

As we begin our 45th volume of publication, the role the paper has in building community and giving it a voice is more important than ever. We’re doing our part in keeping independent, community-based journalism alive.

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