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Streetprints at SNAP: City Skies/Nuit Blanche

Artist Sherien working on her print. Mike Siek

On September 29, our very own Streetprints Artist Collective presented their take on the City Skies theme for the annual SNAP (Society of Northern Alberta Print-Artists) woodblock fundraising event. Streetprints consists of inner city artists from diverse backgrounds working together towards the creation, promotion, planning, and sale of their artwork. The program is supported in various capacities by several organizations including Boyle Street Community Services, Bissell Centre, E4C, Heart of the City Festival, SNAP, MacEwan University, and the 124 Street Grand Market.

Using industrial street steamrollers on the iconic Jasper Avenue, and large presses where needed, SNAP printed copies of works from organizations (i.e. Nina Haggerty, iHuman, etc.), groups, and individual artists. Each print reflected the interpretation by artists of the theme “City Skies.” The large scale woodblock prints varied from 2 by 3 feet all the way up to 8 feet by 4 feet wide. Several prints were sold sharing in the proceeds towards programming costs. The event was a successful part of the Nuit Blanche Edmonton events which occurred across the city.

Jo Neville is an active member/artist of Streetprints and a community volunteer from McCauley Apartments. Taro Hashimoto is the e4c Community Development Officer.

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